Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Little Girl

I decided a while ago that my baby's blogosphere name would be Ella, but I haven't actually mentioned it to anyone else yet. Without further ado, dear blogosphere, meet "Ella:"

These pictures are from her photography session at Fotofly last week. They did a marvelous job taking her picture, and she was a very patient subject.

Babies are most certainly people magnets, and Ella is no exception. Strangers are drawn to her wherever we go. While in the ladies bathroom at the airport a few weeks ago, a woman suggested that I get professional photographs taken of Ella every three months during her first year of life. She said children grow and change so much in that year that it's worth documenting the changes. I'm a bit behind, but I'll probably have professional photos taken of Ella every few months from now until she is a year old. I will also probably post some of them here.

Well, here you are. I hope you enjoyed your pictorial introduction to Ella. She's a keeper. 

The end.


Cher said...

yay! what a sweet little cutie. glad you're enjoying her. :)

Katie Fuller said...

She is such a dolly. We need to hang out, only I always feel like one or both of us has questionable health matters going on. Boo. Anyway, I mostly agree with the lady at the airport. I took a photo each month with one of B's stuffed animals, and I'm so glad I did! It's a perfect gauge of how much she grew! We'll take another one every 6 months from here on out, now that the changes aren't happening so fast. Hope all is well with you guys!