Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Reflections of a Pregnant Woman

Here comes the third trimester....baby seems to be healthy and happy so far.

As a pregnant lady, I've found the following items extremely helpful/delightful:

1. My snoogle. It is a C-shaped pillow that D got me for Mother's Day. He's good to me...This pillow makes sleeping with my growing watermelon belly so much more comfortable.

2. Tums Refreshers.
    a. They soothe my heartburn.
    b. They are minty fresh.
    c. Can there be a better combination? I submit that there cannot!

3. Watermelon. I've eaten so much of this that I wonder if I have a watermelon growing in my stomach instead of a baby.
    a. It is sweet.
    b. It is hydrating.
    c. It is crisp and refreshing.

4. Lemon and ginger herbal tea.
    a. It soothes an upset stomach.
    b. It calms acid reflux and heart burn.
    c. When you put ice in it and add a bit of agave nectar, it's quite tasty.

Here's hoping they'll continue to soothe my pregnancy aches and heartburn throughout the summer!


city said...

nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

Cher said...

i hope so too! it's all worth it! of course. :)